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"... our reviews are
guaranteed to be fair and impartial."
  Networks United, established in 2001, is the only noncommercial UK-based online ICT (Information and Communication Technology) media presentation network specialising in consumer PC products. Because we are nonprofit and have no commercial agenda, our reviews are guaranteed to be fair and impartial.
Networks United looks after its readers. Our reviews are more than just a rating, they explain the actual benefits of new hardware. All articles are further supported by public discussions and general PC help. These free Internet based services reinforce our position as a trusted source of consumer targeted information.   "... articles are further
supported by public
discussions ..."
"... increasing consumer confidence."   Networks United is an excellent resource in that our vision cannot be clouded by commercial forces. We are building a reputation for truth. From the marketing perspective of vendors, product endorsement from Networks United is an effective way of increasing consumer confidence.
To guarantee our reviews achieve media exposure and reach affluent readers, we invest so each one achieves a high position in web search results. We will not accept payment for reviewing any product. Any excess revenue from advertising or other means is diverted to charity. Questions or comments?
Submitting items for review

c/o Glen Whitehead
Networks United - product reviews
91 Tower Hill
Great Barr
B42 1LQ
United Kingdom

Note: Our labs are designed specifically for testing mainstream PC products intended for consumers, anything else may be rejected. Your product will normally appear on our web site within two weeks of delivery. Please check the terms and conditions below.

We look forward to reviewing your products,

Glen Whitehead
Journalist - Networks United

Terms and conditions
If sending items which must be returned, it is your responsibility to enclose £20 administration charge and prepaid UPS shipping label with the initial package. If the optional costs are not paid at the time of delivery, then at the sole discretion of Networks United, the product may be disposed of once the review is complete.

The Vendor receives royalty-free rights to publish the corresponding review in its entirety or part and accepts that the same review may appear in third party publications (i.e. magazines or web sites). We do not include the following image in our reviews. Instead, we trust vendors to use it responsibly and ask that when used, it links to the appropriate review on our web site. Use in any other respect requires express permission.


The products referenced in this site are provided by parties other than Networks United (nuws.net) . Any questions, complaints, or claims regarding the products must be directed to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Terms and conditions of use.